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Privatsphäre ist ein Recht wie jedes andere. Man muss es in Anspruch nehmen oder man riskiert, es zu verlieren.

Phil Zimmermann
Pretty Good Privacy

Wussten Sie,

…dass sich Ihr Handy, Tablet oder Laptop mit LTE Chip in eine Wanze verwandeln kann – und zwar ohne, dass Sie etwas davon merken? Durch die integrierten Mikrofone können Hacker sogar einzelne Unterhaltungen aus einer Menschenmenge extrahieren und aufzeichnen.

Sobald sich ein Mobilgerät im Raum befindet, können Sie kein vertrauliches Gespräch mehr führen. Auch dann nicht, wenn es ausgeschaltet ist.

Es sei denn, Sie vertrauen auf uns.


Zu argumentieren, dass Sie keine Privatsphäre brauchen, weil Sie nichts zu verbergen haben, ist so, als würden Sie sagen, dass Sie keine Freiheit der Meinungsäußerung brauchen, weil Sie nichts zu sagen haben.

former Central Intelligence Agency employee

Über THEMIS Security

Wir schützen Sie und Ihre wertvollen Daten vor unbefugtem Zugriff –  einfach und diskret, aber wirksam. 

Ob Abschirmhülle oder Raumsicherung:
Wir unterstützen Sie nicht nur mit innovativen Sicherheitslösungen, sondern auch mit maßgeschneiderten Konzepten und höchster Fachkompetenz.

Vertrauen Sie auf mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung im Sicherheitsbereich.  

Für uns stehen unsere Kunden an erster Stelle. In einer ausführlichen, persönlichen Vorab-Analyse finden wir heraus, wo Ihr Bedarf liegt – so können wir Ihnen anschließend die optimale Sicherheitslösung anbieten.

Your cell phone, tablet or laptop with LTE chip can turn into a bug - without you noticing anything? With built-in microphones, hackers can even extract and record individual conversations from a crowd.

Once a mobile device is in the room, you will not be able to talk privately. Even if it is off.

Unless you trust us.



Did you know?

about THEMIS Security


We protect you and your valuable data from unauthorized access - simple and discreet, but effective.

Whether shielding or room protection: We support you not only with innovative security solutions, but also with tailor-made concepts and the highest level of expertise.

Trust in more than 20 years of security experience.

For us, our customers come first. In a detailed, personal preliminary analysis, we find out where your needs are - so we can then offer you the optimal security solution.


Not everyone has the same protection needs. That's why we have developed 4 consecutive solutions that you can combine as you like.

Product types


Whether mobile phone, tablet or laptop: the sound-absorbing SilentBox reliably protects your mobile devices against unwanted access. Individual designs transform them into a discreet piece of furniture.

• Depending on the version, shields 80/90 decibels
• Easy to open and close
• Available in aluminum and wood
• Individual covers and colors possible: felt, leather, fabric

whitenoise generator

The Whitenoise Generator keeps your conversations private even in the presence of mobile devices. Through a noise curtain he prevents any possibility of recording a meaningful conversation - both online and offline. Placed in the SilentBox, it is barely noticeable from the outside.

• Superimposes all the requency of human speech
• Ease of use
• Charging with USB-C
• 8 hours of battery life

Did you know that the use of jammers in Europe is prohibited?
That's why we only offer them for government and government use and only on request.


The high-quality, rugged pelicase provides reliable protection for your mobile devices. Due to its resistance to weather, dirt or rough handling, it is particularly suitable for mobile use also in extreme climatic conditions.

• Optimal for field use
• Certified MIL standard
• Water and dustproof
• Break-Proof
• Automatic pressure compensation valve
• Shock absorbing padding

We recommend a combination of Faraday Case and Noise Generator in the SilentBox and the Pelicase.

Faraday bag

Thanks to a total reflection of all incoming and outgoing signals, the high-quality shielding bag protects your mobile device against unauthorized access, audio / video recording and localisation. Ideal for government agencies, embassies or people with special security needs.

• Top-quality nanomaterials from the German automotive industry or 100% leather
• Closure with micro velcro
• Excellent workmanship
• Five layers of shielding
• Four layers of textile shielding fabric reinforced with a layer of glass fiber reinforced aluminum

Our basic solution for your safety:

the SilentBox


The wood version is made of sound insulating 20mm MDF and 20mm insulating foam.

The interior is lined with a special insulating foam. Upon request, this can be upholstered with felt, leather or fabric.

The box in the wood version achieves an insulation up to 80 dB.

From 10 pieces you  the surface and size of the SilentBox cane be costumized.

Made in Austria


The aluminum version is equipped with a 7mm MDF outer wall, a 45mm foam insulation and a 5mm heavy foil plate.

Inside are various layers of insulating foam and heavy mats in a sandwich composite. On request, these can be covered with felt, leather or fabric.

The box in the aluminum version (with inserted lid) achieves an insulation of up to 90 dB.

Made in Germany

the Whitenoise Generator

The Noise Generator generates noise in the frequency range of 300 Hz to 8 kHz - covering the entire voice range. It "forces" the microphones of the devices to switch the sensitivity to a minimum level to prevent overdriving.

The generated noise is absolutely randomly in time, strength and frequency. This makes it impossible to recognise any consistency of the noise, thus eliminating thechance of someone rendering the conversation with technical assistance.

The generationof the noise signal is carried out exclusively using analog components (avalanchebreakdown of a base emitter range in a cut-off wavelength).

The device is powered by rechargeable NiMH cells. Cables, batteries and charger are included in the set.

Made in Germany